Hot pot chicken  ($13.95)  
Diced chicken with ginger, scallion, basil & black mushroom in hot pot
Seafood to-fu hot pot  ($13.55)
Shrimp, scallop, clam, crab stick, to-fu & vegetable in spicy Szechuan soy bean sauce
General Tso’s chicken, to-fu, wheat gluten ($13.95) or shrimp ($15.95)
A mouth-watering dish, quickly fried then sauteed with broccoli, carrot in our special tangy sauce
Tangerine chicken ($13.95)  or beef  ($15.25)
Fried then glazed with our tangerine peel flavored sauce, with steamed broccoli
Crisp sesame chicken, to-fu, wheat gluten  ($13.95), or beef ($15.95)
Quickly fried, then cooked in our exquisite sesame sauce, with steamed broccoli
Amazing chicken ($13.95) or prawns ($15.95)    Stir-fried with snow pea, baby corn,
sweet pepper, Chinese mushroom in our special Hunan-Szechuan infused sauce
Mango chicken  ($13.95) or shrimp  ($15.95)
With fresh mango, zucchini, sweet pepper in light sweet brown sauce
Vegetarian’s paradise  ($14.95)  
This is a unique and delightful combination of three vegetarians favorites; sesame bean curd,
sauteed string bean & mixed vegetable. It’s a dish no veggie lover can resist
Lamb duo style  ($15.95)    Two separate lamb presentation. one is prepared with
scallion in a light savory sauce, the other in a hot tangy sa-cha sauce with vegetables           
Hunan lamb  ($14.95)  Choice spring lamb with mixed vegetables in spicy Hunan sauce.
House special duck  ($16.95)
Boneless Peking duck, topped on sauteed mixed vegetables in succulent sauce.  
Crispy pepper skin duck  ($16.95)  
Prepare duck with five spicy powder & other special ingredient, then fried until crisp
Triple delight  ($14.95) A splendid combination of jumbo shrimp, pork and chicken,
delicately balanced with a variety of vegetables in our special sauce.
Happy family  ($15.95)   Sliced chicken, pork, beef, scallop, & shrimp, precisely balanced
with mixed vegetables in a brown sauce
Quartet with garlic sauce  ($15.95)   Shrimp, scallop, beef and chicken sauteed with
mixed vegetables in delicate hot garlic sauce.  
Basil delight  ($15.95)  large shrimp, chicken & vegetables with fresh garlic and basil sauce
Ma-la fish filet  ($16.95)  Red snapper filet lightly fried, sauteed with spicy Ma-la sauce
Dragon & phoenix  ($16.95)   Two separate dishes:
shrimp with snow peas, and General Tso's chicken balance side by side
Seafood pan fried noodle  ($16.95)    Large shrimp, scallop, mussel, lobster meat &   
mixed vegetables in brown sauce on a bed of crispy Pan fried noodles
Shrimp in ginger & scallion  ($14.95)
Fresh large whole shrimp  sauteed with ginger & scallion in special sauce,
House special steamed whole fish  (s/p)  In special light wine sauce
Hunan spicy whole fish  (s/p)  
Crisp fried then topped with our special garlic sauce & vegetables

Hot & Spicy  We can alter the spice according to your taste