Lunch  603 643-8888

                      Served Monday-Sunday 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
          Include soup (choose: wonton, egg drop, miso or hot sour soup)
       & rice (choose: white , brown  or veg.  fried  rice), except fried rice & noodle dish

Sauteed string bean in ginger sauce ($7.85)
Add chicken or pork($8.25), beef or shrimp($8.65)
Sauteed broccoli in brown sauce ($7.35)
Add chicken or pork($7.65), beef or shrimp($8.65)
Steamed spinach in black bean sauce Add chicken or fried to-fu($7.95)
Malaysian traditional spicy & creamy curry With onion, snow pea, sweet   
pepper, & mushroom    Add chicken or pork($7.65), beef or shrimp($8.65)
Broccoli, onion, carrot, & celery in garlic sauce
Add chicken or pork($7.65), beef or shrimp($8.65), sea scallop($8.95)
Mixed vegetable in white wine sauce ($7.35)
Add bean curd / chicken or pork ($7.65), beef or shrimp ($8.65), sea scallop($8.95)
Snow pea, mushroom, carrot, & onion in spicy Sa-Cha sauce
Add chicken or pork($7.65), beef or shrimp($8.65)
Bean curd with mixed vegetables in brown sauce ($7.35)
Fried to-fu with broccoli, carrot, snow pea, napa, onion, zucchini, & mushroom  
Ma- Po To-Fu  Soft to-fu in spicy soy bean sauce ($7.65)
Chicken with peanuts  ($7.65)
Chinese classic dish; dice chicken with napa, celery & peanuts in spicy brown sauce
Cashew chicken($7.65), or shrimp($8.65)  With napa, celery & cashewnuts in brown sauce
Sweet sour chicken   ($7.65)       Tender strips of white meat chicken quickly fried,
with carrot, onion, sweet pepper, pineapple, cherry, & sweet sour sauce on the side
Twice sauteed pork   ($7.65)  Sliced pork with dry to-fu, sweet pepper, cabbage, scallion
in spicy hoisen sauce
Dry to-fu with pork  ($7.95)  Shredded pork, dry to-fu, & scallion in special sauce
Szechuan beef  ($8.65) Shredded beef, carrot, celery & scallion in spicy Szechuan sauce
Chinese eggplant in garlic sauce   ($7.85)       Add chicken($7.95)
Mongolian beef   ($8.65)  Sliced beef sauteed with onion, scallion in our special sauce
Mango chicken   ($8.95) With zucchini, sweet pepper in light sweet brown sauce
Shrimp with lobster sauce   ($8.65)       
Large shrimp with pea, & Chinese mushroom in creamy egg sauce
Sauteed Shanghai green  ($7.85)  ,with pork  ($8.25)
Shanghai green & Chinese black mushroom in light wine sauce
Lo-mein noodle  with veg ($7.35), with chicken or pork ($7.65), with beef or shrimp($7.95)
Egg noodle tossed with napa, bean sprout, mushroom & scallion
Chow-fun rice noodle with veg ($7.35), with chicken or pork($7.65) with beef or shrimp($7.95)
Mixed with egg, green pea, onion & bean sprout
Chow-mein  with veg($7.35), with chicken or pork ($7.65), with beef or shrimp($7.95)
Stir-fried napa, onion, bean sprout, celery & scallion
General Tso’s chicken, shrimp, to-fu, or wheat gluten  ($8.95)
A mouth-watering dish, quickly fried then sauteed with broccoli, carrot in our special tangy sauce
Tangerine beef or chicken  ($8.95)
Fried then glazed with our tangerine peel flavored sauce, with steamed broccoli      
Sesame chicken, shrimp, to-fu, or wheat gluten  ($8.95)
Quickly fried, then cooked in our exquisite sesame sauce, with steamed broccoli
Amazing shrimp ($8.95) or chicken($8.95)  Stir-fried with snow pea, baby corn,
sweet pepper, Chinese mushroom in our special Hunan-Szechuan infused sauce
Triple delight ($8.95)  Combination of jumbo shrimp, sliced pork & chicken delicately
balanced with a variely of  vegetables in our special sauce
Steamed salmon in black bean sauce  ($8.95)  With steamed broccoli & carrot
Hunan lamb  ($8.95)
Sliced spring lamb with sweet pepper, onion, zucchini, napa in spicy Hunan sauce
Appetizer combo A  ($7.95)
Vegetable spring roll(1), crab rangoon(3), chicken finger(3), & steamed meat dumpling(3)
Appetizer combo B  ($7.95)
Vegetable spring roll(1), chicken wing(3), edamame, & pan-fried meat dumpling(3)

                                 Sushi Bar
                 Include soup (choose: wonton, egg drop, miso or hot sour soup)
Maki lunch ($8.95) 6 pcs california roll, & 6 pcs spicy salmon roll
Sushi lunch  ($9.55) 5 pcs assorted sushi, & 6 pcs spicy salmon roll
Salmon don lunch  ($9.95) fresh salmon over seasoned sushi rice
Unagi don lunch  ($9.95) broiled eel over seasoned sushi rice
Takka don lunch  ($9.95) fresh tuna over seasoned sushi rice
Sashimi lunch  ($12.95) 10 pcs of assorted fresh raw fish
Maki & sashimi lunch  ($12.95) 7 pcs of assorted fresh raw fish & 6 pcs spicy tuna roll


Green Salad  ($4.95)  fresh vegetables with ginger dressing
Seaweed Salad  ($4.95)  seasoned seaweed
Avocado Salad ($6.95) fresh vege, avocado, crab stick in ginger dressing                                                 
Mango Salad  ($6.95) fresh vegetables, mango, walnuts, & crisy bacon in mango sauce
Kani Salad          ($7.25)
Yuzu Tuna Salad    ($9.95)
Cucumber Salad    ($6.75)


Cheese cake   ($4.25)
Mochi ice cream   ($3.65)  choose: mango, strawberry, green tea, & red bean
Fried ice cream   ($2.95)  ice cream coated with cake then lightly fried


Hot and Spicy

We can alter the spice according to your taste.

Food is cooked to order. Reminder: Consuming raw or undercooked meats,
   poultry, seafood, shellfish or egg may increase your risk of foodbourne
                          illness, especially with certain medical conditions.