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Qubes OS: A Security Oriented Operating System

  • August 7, 2020

A lot of Windows and macOS users jump ships to Linux for optimized security and privacy, well it does a better job at protecting users from data entities that sell information for third-party agencies as their valuable data resource, where Windows and macOS lack. Folks who are security enthusiasts and privacy professionals highly suggest using Linux because of their open-source attributes where even NSA relies on.

Each distro has its unique purpose where privacy is their common denominator. There are countless distributions that provide the same services you exactly need for, and that's the problem. Which is a lot overwhelming for Windows or macOS refugees considering they just started from square one. Well, here's a lifesaver for you. Today we're going to talk about Qubes which is a most secure and high-end Linux distribution offering all the protection for everyone’s computing needs. 

Right off the bat, Qubes comes at the top of the list, it can isolate running apps that are way too risky and virtualize with Virtual Machines, thus separating any potential danger of malware or spyware. It is color-coded as each window is identified with different levels of security and maximizing data protection from being traced or tracked. It uses NetVM to lessen any breaches from hackers and comes with a default firewall disallowing any ports to have an entrance. To install Qubes you can use tools like BalenaEtcher, Rufus or Win32 Disk Imager. If you are using a macOS, then you will only be able to use Balena Etcher as the others are not compatible with macOS.


It has such a stellar reputation among IT professionals where they recognize this OS instantly for this exact purpose. It can easily run on 64 bit Intel processor, 4 GB ram, and 32 GB storage space, whether using disk or USB stick. Definitely not for normal users, Qubes could be confusing to use and might throw them off, with all security procedures rigged to ensure protection, but can walk you through each step of the way so no worries of getting lost. You've come here for the right reasons after all.

How Important is a Keynote Speaker in an Event?

  • August 6, 2020

When planning events that provide valuable information to stimulate creative thinking and motivate an audience, you want to make sure that you attract and hold the attention of the audience. For this reason, the role of the keynote spokesperson Jess Pettitt becomes an important instrument for the success of the event.

The keynote speaker is very important for correct message transmission. They offer motivational speeches for graduates, companies, charities and other groups. When the audience comes and sits, they usually don't focus.

To get their attention and keep them busy throughout the event, they must be interested and inspired to learn. This is the keynote speaker. A great speaker sets the tone for the event and will engage the audience from the beginning of the event to the end.

A keynote speaker usually starts the process for a particular function. He will deliver speeches that will captivate the audience, prepare them and want them to learn. Most corporate and organizational managers will use keynote speakers to offer new perspectives.

He is an expert in the field in which he gives presentations. The aim is to promote a sense of teamwork, to motivate people, to see the situation differently and to bring new and creative thinking into the organization.

If you want to hire a speaker, you need to consider what you can expect from the event. The speaker will sign the contract. Therefore, show aspects such as the length of the speech, the time when the speech arrived, and additional work that the speaker may have to do during the event.

Why Innovation Is Essential For Long Time Success Of An Organization?

  • August 5, 2020

Are you struggling to keep your reputation among customers? As a business owner, you have many expectations from your business. It is a fact that every business owner is investing in the hope of getting a return on their investment.

You must have a lot of competitors who sell their products profitably. If you want to be in front of them that you need to do hire a team of innovation management system which helps you in business success.


There are several advantages to implementing creative ideas for your business which are as follows:

  • Improved business processes

By applying innovation in your business, you will be able to improve your business processes. Your team will work efficiently and this will increase your production process. analysis of innovation is both quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to transform your business.

  • Improving quality

Business development involves not only the production of new products that also means changing the previous product line with customer tastes. Business innovation helps in improving the quality of existing products and also assists in launching new products and services efficiently.

  • Standing out from the competition

Innovation helps to compete with competitors in your market. You will be able to improve your service and will be able to attract more customers to your business. The process of implementation of creative ideas for business promotion helps in a great way for a successful business.

The shine and beauty of molten or dichroic glass jewelry

  • August 5, 2020

Portable glass art became one of the most popular fashion accessories today, with people who are on the Internet or looking at the display in the galleries, shopping malls, and the like.

'Wearable' glass is actually molten glass, technically known as CBS Dichroic patterned glass, which is glass in which various oxides or quartz are combined on the surface in different layers or thicknesses to produce a multi-colored effect.

Dichroic glass is a NASA innovation, initially made for use in space suits and then used by different companies as optical companies (video-based lenses have been used by different video cameras), technological measurement tools (particularly those that use lasers to dimension) and many others.

Dichroic glass was soon discovered by the art community, and its use by glass artists began to grow. Part of its popularity comes from the wonderful shine or patina of the glass, along with the luminous depth and the variety of colors that can be made, in addition to the various textures that can be produced.

Create molten glass

The glass is cut to the planned pieces (for example, a necklace, earrings, beads, etc.). Stress within the room increases, and therefore both glass and rust heat up.

Once this is accomplished (the practice of vaporizing the oxides is replicated if necessary), the atmosphere is allowed to return to the room to cool it down, and the glass pieces are also removed, cleaned, and prepared to be turned into glass art. or portable jewelry.



Is Life Coaching Just What You Need?

  • August 4, 2020

Coaching is good for anyone who is motivated to create a better life. Coaches help their clients explore and come up with the best option for them based on where they are located and the client's vision for their future.

They are experts in the process of changing behavior, which is much more valuable than giving instructions. A coach will hold you accountable and challenge you to grow and do more than you thought you could do. You can also get more information about life coaching via

They may push, pull, and stretch you in ways that may feel uncomfortable. Because of this, ready to travel, you'll feel liberated, motivated, and enlightened for the most part, but also be prepared to be challenged and at times frustrating. When you break through these frustrating is when a break-through in life is also very strong.

A little bit about my experience as a coach:

Over the years working in the Life, Career & Business coaching space one on one with clients, aging from 21 to 60, the transformation achieved never ceases to inspire and amaze me.

The coaching process is not always a smooth one and the relationship develops interesting, but usually always with outstanding results for its clients and their lives. I do not blow my trumpet here; achievements, breakthroughs, and transformation of all brought by the client openness and trust in the process, which for many can be so far away from their normal comfort zone it blows me away even more.

If coaching is right for me?

Do not worry if you think the problem is too big or too small, all of them are relevant to YOU and that's what coaching is about.

If the coach expresses to you that they believe you can better help anywhere else, this is a sign of a good coach. Every good coach should have connections with other professionals that they can signpost you to.