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  • June 17, 2021

A Guide Ceramic Tile Installation for Beginners

So you have moved into your new apartment and you find that your floors are in poor condition. So you decide to tear down the old floor tiles and install new ones. But be careful! Laying ceramic tiles is not as easy as it seems. So before you start ripping anything off the floor, grab some and learn more about what to prepare for when laying your new ceramic tile. You can also hire the best tile specialist via

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 Here are three great tips on what to prepare for when planning ceramic tile installation:

1) Decide what floor you have – or rather your floor. It is important to know the type of substrate on which you will be laying ceramic tiles. There are some main types of flooring.

A. Concrete Flooring – Working with ceramic tile on a concrete floor is ideal, but you should inspect it and remove any dirt before you begin. All cracks and holes must be repaired and filled before ceramic tile installation begins.

B. Existing tiled floor. Tile floors more often require reconstruction of new occupants of the room. There are two ways to renovate an existing tile floor: first, leave the tile in its place and install your tile directly on it; or two, remove the old tiles.

2) Determine the look of the floor you want. Ceramic tile selection can be made easier by considering the following general factors: desired appearance, tile size, and durability.

When in doubt between the two options, it never hurts to contact your tile contractors who knows tiles better than you. These professionals are always open to sharing their knowledge of home improvement and creating beautiful tile floors.

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