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  • March 5, 2021

Are Our Veterans Getting the Education Benefits They Deserve?

In honor of Veterans Day and those who have served our country, we wanted to take the time to explore the benefits of education available to veterans and the men and women currently on duty. Veterans returning from military service enroll in colleges in great numbers, but many of our veterans find the college experience much less comfortable.

Let's take a look at the benefits of the education available and how colleges across the country are working to improve the services they provide to our veterans from World War II to Iraq and Afghanistan. You can consider the best veteran education at

The implementation of the new GI Act, which was renamed the GI Act after September 11, helps connect American veterans to higher education by extending the benefits of education for veterans. The new GI bill helps veterans earn their degrees by paying full tuition and fees to more than 4,000 colleges and providing monthly scholarships for life, books, and supplies.

However, many still find that government training programs for service members are inadequate. Loopholes in the law can often lead to student loan delays. Loans can be deferred during military service. However, when student loans are held by multiple banks, the process of delay can often be undermined.

The "culture shock" of reclamation in the civilian world of colleges is also difficult for veterans, according to a recent study by the National Student Engagement Survey. The transition from military to civilian life is undoubtedly difficult, and a reported lack of college support can only make the transition difficult.

Many colleges are trying to address this problem and facilitate college processes and veteran experiences in the hope that one day organizations like Leave No Veteran Behind won't work.

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