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  • May 6, 2021

Baby Walker Safety and Benefits

Baby walkers were not always so popular. In the past, a baby would need to have its own pram or sitnoid to get around. Parents felt uncomfortable about leaving their little ones unattended in public places where they could possibly fall and get hurt. The infant pram and sitnoid were often replaced by the baby walker, as it was much safer and more convenient for the child and parents. In the United States, the first baby walkers were manufactured and sold in New York City.

Today, baby walkers, view on, have exploded and become an extremely popular item for babies and children of all ages. Parents love that these innovative devices allow them to keep their babies safe and secure while they go about their daily activities. They are not only convenient, but safe and easy for babies to use, even at early stages of development when a lot of accidents occur. While most baby walkers come with some kind of safety harness, there are other varieties that come with no restraints at all. This allows a parent to transfer a baby to and from a stroller without having to place him or her in a pram or sitnoid.

Some baby walkers are equipped with a mechanism that prevents the baby from falling out of the swing. A baby walker will stand firm on its ground and avoid tipping over on its side, even if a toddler is sitting nearby. The sturdy frame makes it difficult for toddlers to tip, preventing injury. When toddlers do fall out of the baby walker, they do not hit the floor directly but hit something softer such as a wall or a chair, which may result in bruises, scrapes, or sprained muscles.

Many studies have been conducted to determine whether or not baby walkers actually delay children's development by exposing them to dangers that they would not normally encounter. Although there are many factors that could explain the results, one of the biggest culprits has been shown to be stairs. Young children often make the assumption that all stairs are dangerous and out of their reach. Babies who walk around using baby walkers tend to be much calmer when they see things like stairs.

Another benefit of baby walkers is that they provide a fun and safe activity for infants and toddlers to engage in. Infants who ride on baby walkers experience less anxiety and tend to sleep better throughout the evening. They also learn new skills such as how to balance while walking, and they are learning hand-eye coordination. Many parents also report that their children experience fewer ear infections and gastrointestinal complications when they ride in strollers.

Finally, baby walkers prevent serious injuries. Each year, there are several tragic stories regarding toddlers who have fallen from strollers, causing traumatic injuries that could have been prevented. At the very least, the law requires that baby walkers are at least two feet away from any other part of the child's body. The maximum height is fifteen feet, and this is generally the distance from which a child can fall if he or she were to stand up. By creating such a distance, baby walkers ensure that toddlers will not experience life-threatening injuries that could otherwise be avoided.

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