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  • November 20, 2020

Benefits of Orthodontic Procedures for Your Children

The adult orthodontic treatment market is booming with newer, painless, and more classic inventions. From invisible braces to restoring a full mouth, adults can literally redraw their mouths! What we don't realize, however, is that most dental problems are deeply rooted in early childhood and can be resolved earlier in life.

Parents usually don't take their child to the dentist unless there are complications. Although this is a traditional approach, thanks to advanced technology, dentists can predict defects in the development of a child's jaw or teeth. You can get information about orthodontic therapy via

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Ideally, a visit to the dentist can begin as soon as the child starts gritting the teeth, as most of the major jaw structures will form immediately. Factors that influence this process are hereditary deficiencies, environmental nutrition, and habits such as thumb sucking.

The first signs of insufficient growth take many forms. Regular visits to the dentist will help reveal any unusual growth trends. The most visible type of damage can be seen with misplaced or crowded teeth.

Often times, a bad bite can cause many ear, neck, and shoulder problems. A more chronic form of bad bite is TMD, or TMJ dysfunction. Fortunately, your child doesn't have to suffer from all of these problems as they can be removed early through orthodontic treatment.

Dentists recommend orthodontic surgery only from the age of seven, because all permanent teeth have grown by that time. This helps predict adult tooth patterns. The most common orthodontic procedure is the use of a metal bracket.

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