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  • June 26, 2021

Cleaning Piercing Area With Aftercare Spray

Piercing is a continuation of your style and an integral part of who you are, and our piercings are expertly crafted from 14 ct yellow or white gold, nickel-free, and with diamonds or precious stones. Piercing jewelry is carefully crafted in collaboration with piercing professionals and according to recommended international guidelines for design, safety, and quality.

Clean the piercing twice a day, morning and evening with piercing aftercare mist. By regularly cleaning your new piercing, you can help prevent the build-up of discharge and scabs, makeup, etc. If you can't see your piercing clearly from all angles, ask someone to help make sure there's no irritation.

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Or, visit a piercing studio so we can see how it heals. Avoid over-cleaning as this can cause additional irritation and scarring.

Clean your piercing with salt – and nothing else. Products containing raw chemicals and so-called "natural" cleaning solutions can cause unexpected problems or slow healing. You can support the natural healing process by using Aftercare Saline medical saline spray for piercings.

Keep the piercing and the surrounding area dry while it heals. Bacteria thrive and multiply in wetlands. Keep your new piercing clean and dry to minimize the risk of infection. 

Dry the area with a cheesecloth or kitchen towel. When you shower or wash your hair, gently rinse any product from your hair and rinse the pierced area for about a minute.

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