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  • September 7, 2020

Dairy Calf Housing And Environment

Proper calf management is a basic requirement for the success of a dairy farm. An optimal amount of nutrition in daily life supports faster growth and early maturity. 

Calves must be nurtured carefully for optimal body weight so that by puberty they will reach about 70 to 75 percent of adult body weight. For more information about calf health you can visit

calf health

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Significant Facets of calf feeding:

-Colostrum feeding over 30 Minutes of arrival

-Feeding entire milk/ milk replacer to calves

-Great Excellent hay should also be given to calves

Guidelines for calf housing

•A calf shed with different pens is necessary. The rule of thumb is 10 — 12 litres per pencil, with an extra pen particularly for ill animals.

• Keep calves in classes based on age or slow and fast drinkers where possible, this can minimize bullying and anxiety, meaning calves will probably be fitter and will grow quicker.

• Pens must be assembled with three strong partitions with sheet metal or untreated plywood, with one end open to permit decent ventilation and the elimination of pollutants and gases from urine. This open end should ideally face leeward and north for sunshine.

•  Barns, pens and bedding must be sterilized with a calf-safe virus spray (such as Virkon ™ S) before the calves arrive to kill any viruses.

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