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  • June 17, 2021

Do I Need Rodent Control in Melbourne

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Like any other place in the world, Melbourne has the potential for any resident to experience issues with rodents. Seeing news reports of farms being devastated in NSW by rodent infestations can cause alarm, so this article will address rodent threat levels, identify pest issues, and address them. 

Melbourne is most commonly home to the Norway rat, house mouse and roof rat. Rodents can be a problem all year round, however, winter is a particularly risky time because rodents will be seeking shelter from the cold wet weather and your home is just the place.

You will be able to identify rodents by their noises and smells. This includes scratching, squeaking, chewing and screaming noises as they move around the home and fight with other rodents. The smell will be due to urine and faecal matter. You will most likely experience these signs around walls and ceilings.

Recent news reports have shown plagues of rodents in NSW, particularly on farms. It is unlikely that Melbourne homes will experience this level of infestation, however, the NSW plague will cause shortages in rodent treatment equipment, which you may find if you engage a professional pest technician.

You do not have to engage a professional pest control service, however, they do have stronger and more effective equipment and baits to deal with rodent issues. On that basis, it is recommended that you at least consider professional pest management, as it will also come with a guarantee.  

NSW is in a precarious position with its rodent infestation and it is unlikely that Melbourne will experience a plague of that proportion. To ensure you don’t have ongoing issues, be sure to inspect your home regularly for rodents and if needs be, consider engaging a professional pest controller.




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