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  • March 11, 2021

Fire-rated Wood/mdf Doors To Style Your Home

Fire doors are all created to withstand fires for various periods of time. This allows visitors to leave buildings safely while the fire is held back. There are various specifications and everyone will meet a certain code demand depending upon their particular needs.

Various timber species have the ability to be made into flame doors. They truly are always tested to be certain their thickness, glass, glazing, and other aspects can stand up to the desired period of time to receive the suitable fire rating. Look for the Doorland Group for high-quality fire-rated wood/MDF doors. 


Wooden door jambs are available as well and are fire-rated. Doors may have a single swing design or even be double-sided fold as pairs. However, if you opt to add double doors then you cannot have wooden jambs and have to instead purchase steel. Just single swing doors could have wooden jambs. 

The doors also undergo positive and negative pressure testing in order to meet the requirements that are desired. The various times will indicate the fire evaluation of the doorway. The foremost is the 20-minute rated fire door. This sort is most easily able to include glass and wooden door jambs. 

There are other details that have to be given care in regards to the doors, but the company you utilize is to see to them and ensure that all the code requirements are met and standards are given appropriate attention. 

Double-check to make certain before installing the door. Fire specifications are for the protection of all the people who live in the construction and must not be dismissed by both those at the place where the door will be installed, in addition to the organization that embraces the entranceway.

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