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  • March 2, 2022

Kitchen vs Bathroom Renovations Which One to Get Done First?

Coffs Harbour bathroom renovations

Do you know which areas of a house impact its value the most? Those are kitchens and bathrooms. This brings to another question about which one should you get renovated for the purpose. Don’t forget you can get both areas upgraded simultaneously.

The Similarities

Bathrooms and kitchens share a lot in common. Probably that’s why these areas are considered highly impactful in a home’s value. Both are wet areas, need plumbing, sinks, benchtops, and tiles. Other features that both rooms need include tapware, good lighting, and power points. While there is a clear difference between the intended use for both, many homeowners use the same tiles in bathrooms and kitchens. Some do it for consistency, others do it to save money.

And, you can hire the same tradespeople to renovate both areas, which can further save some costs.

Considering the Functionality and Preference

These two are the major factors that can help you decide which one you should get renovated. Comparatively, kitchens are used more often than bathrooms, especially the open-plan kitchens. Besides meals, kids can use benchtops for studies while adults can use them for work. Family gatherings, gossips, and games are other uses.

On the other hand, bathrooms are your getaway from stress. Although they are used less, the time is often spent well. With this said, now it’s up to you to decide. Do you want to go for kitchen renovations or bathroom renovations in Coffs Harbour?

However, another factor that can help you decide is whether you are considering a renovation for selling or staying.

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