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  • March 22, 2022

Selecting a Wheel Balancer for a Dealership or a Tire Store

If you specialize in the tires or sell vehicles, you will want to resolve any type of vibration problem. Consider a balancer that can solve a vibration problem caused by an outside condition. Many of these problems do not come before the tire is mounted and rolling on the road.

Rigid lateral skewer or round diagnosis – The construction of the lateral wall is often more rigid in one or more zones around the tire, when this problem is present, there will be a vibration with each rotation. 

Tire Shooting – You can get to know about us by selecting a balancer that can read the amount of pendanties present in each tire. When a set of 4 tires is balanced, the equilibrium will indicate which corner of the vehicle to place each tire to neutralize any tire traction.

Lift it floor – With such heavy tire and wheel assemblies as 150 lbs. You can choose a built-in wheel lift to avoid back injuries.

Laser AGS – A laser light to display an exact location where to place the weight of the wheel must be placed will ensure better accuracy.

Specialized Adapters – 3 Jaw Chuck Adapters are available for larger truck wheels, it is a self-centering adapter that matches a wide range of larger central holes. Collect style cones are the lowest conicity and do the best work of centering the wheel.

Printer – An impression is valuable to show a customer before and after the results.

Tire Inflation – Appropriate tire inflation is needed before any balance or non-round condition test, an equilibrate inflation system will allow you to check each tire for appropriate tire pressure before balancing.

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