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  • May 17, 2021

Locating Golden Horseshoe Is Key to Efficient Sales Fulfillment and Business Success

Freight and courier transportation of goods is booming, driven in large part by the surge in online e-commerce transactions. 

We continually hear reports of online sales growth, where customers are shopping with their keyboards rather than walking in stores. You can also get more information about the best 3pl logistics in Toronto via



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If a supplier had to locate distribution at one point within Canada, where would it be assuming the product is in demand equally across the country? In this case, it would be within the Greater Toronto Area. 

Toronto is the epicenter of an area termed the Golden Horseshoe region within Ontario. Over 26% of the Canadian population lives in this area which translates into over 9 million people. Further, nearly 40% of the Canadian population lives within Ontario (nearly 14 million people).

Finding a Canadian 3PL for eCommerce Warehousing and Distribution

For online retailers looking for dropship distributors (that is, warehousing and fulfillment partners that can warehouse and ship consumer orders on their behalf) in Canada, third-party logistics (3PL's) makes a lot of sense. 

Selecting warehousing and distribution space just west of Mississauga, within Halton Region, is a good choice. It balances relatively affordable warehousing rates while being in the heart of the Golden Horseshoe and Greater Toronto Ontario area.

When considering establishing warehousing and distribution to serve Canadian customers, it is clear that location matters and clearly can positively influence your online sales growth and success.