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  • July 13, 2021

The Evolution Of The Pocket Knife

When people lived off of the wilderness and depended on quick thinking for survival, it was unheard of to be without a knife. 

They were used not only for basic protection but also for hunting, cooking, construction, skinning, trading and other things that needed to be done to maintain a household or even a small town. There are some companies like Cherrycutlery that provide the best knife in the USA.

The Outdoorsman's Standard

One of the most essential survival tools used to be a knife, and its reputation as such still stands. Think of all you can do with even the most basic of knives. You can use it to hunt, skin and fillet small game for food, or you can use it to saw twigs and branches for a makeshift shelter.

You can use it for protection against unwanted visitors or to cut through any rope or twine to create gear, rudimentary packs or a trap system. No doubt these were basic practices at one point in time. 

Modern Applications

While people don't have to rely on blades as much anymore, it's still helpful to have a sharp edge around sometimes. Maybe you come across a small animal stuck in a fence or you're struggling to open a package that just arrived in the mail. 

Collections and Trade Shows

One of the most popular places to find knives now is at trade shows or in private collections. Because blades, handles and even features are so customizable, manufacturers and craftsmen have seized the opportunity to be creative. Knives are beautiful, durable and can be safely displayed if not being used for more conventional purposes.