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  • September 7, 2020

Importance of Direct Primary Care Physician

 Primary care physician or PCP is a practitioner who provides the first contacts for patients with undiagnosed health problems and also continuing care of varied medical conditions. PCP must have MD, MBBS or DO degree to be called as a primary care physician.


Primary care physicians provide basic diagnosis and non-surgical treatment for common diseases and medical conditions. PCP diagnosis the patient to gather information about these symptoms, past medical history and other health details, and perform a physical examination. In Charlotte, you can contact your primary care physician through

PCP is a physician trained in interpreting the results of medical tests such as blood or patient's other samples, electrocardiograms, or x-rays. If you require any complex diagnostic and intensive procedures, then you should consult a specialist.

PCP guide you on safe hygiene practices, treatment options, self-care skills, and also provides screening tests and immunizations. So, initially, every patient should contact the PCP. He/she is the primary health care provider in every case of non-emergency.

PCP role is to:

• Provide preventive care and teach healthy lifestyle habits

• Recognize and treat common medical illnesses

• Evaluate the urgency of your medical condition and take you to the best place for care

• Refer to any other medical specialists in case of your need

Usually, primary care is provided on an outpatient basis. Having a PCP can give you a trusting, ongoing relationship with one medical professional over time.