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  • February 12, 2021

Self Made Raccoon Traps

If raccoons visit your trash, be sure to look for raccoon traps to help remove pests from your home. Several non-killer raccoon traps are great for catching raccoons safely.

The best way to avoid problems with raccoons is to make sure your home, trash can, and other parts of the property are raccoon resistant. You can also use a different repellant to keep it away. However, you may already have a problem and need to solve it. You can also look for raccoon trapping services via

Before setting up a raccoon trap, test it to make sure it is working properly and that you know how to set it up so that it closes securely when the raccoon activates the hook. Raccoons are very smart and cunning, and can quickly escape if not trapped properly.

Find a good place to set your trap. It is best to know that raccoons are common. For example, if a raccoon eats your dog's food every night, then put the trap near the dog's food bowl and use dog food as bait. The Raccoon mustn't see the trap as a threat, or else he will not go inside.

Bait and place the trap for several days without the trigger. This will familiarize the raccoon with the cage and enter without fear of being caught. Check trapping activity every morning to make sure raccoons are coming in for food. 

You can set the trap with almost any food, but sweet things like cookies or cakes are best because they are very attractive to raccoons.

Now you know how to use humane raccoon traps, you can catch and release the raccoons to torture you.