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  • September 24, 2020

Say Goodbye To Forgetfulness, Say Hello To A Good Memory!

There are instances where you meet somebody comfortable however you opt not to say hello to that individual since you're not certain whether or not she is that person you understand.

The individual is grinning at you however you pretended to not notice her or him.  Isn't it disturbing?  

It seems as if the brain has lost its function, which might result from anxiety, depression, and insufficient hours of sleep. You can also talk to the experts to improve your brain power.

Let's travel through the phases of human lifetime to completely understand the growth of one's thoughts.

Beginning with infancy, let's employ the notion of tabula rasa or having been granted birth using a sterile mind or even a blank slate.  

Now, simple accumulation and remember of thoughts is appreciated by the individual because the brain cells aren't yet worn out.  

The privilege of owning a sterile thought or blank slate goes until the child starts going to college.

Moving on with all the adolescent years, whereas vices like smoking and drinking alcohol is the tendency, the individual's memory begins to deteriorate in the harm it has gotten as an impact of their alcohol and smoking into the cells- cells.  

Heavy drinkers seem dumb and unable to achieve even basic jobs. In obedient and accountable teenagers, the strain of work is exactly what they report as the reason for forgetting a few things.

In the middle aged and older, the tear and wear apply to the brain tissues thus reducing the operational ability of the mind.