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  • March 15, 2021

Advantages of Inflatable Paddle Boards

Inflatable Paddle Boards have become an incredibly popular amenity for water sports. Whether it's a speed-freestyle triathlon, a down hill jam session on the river, or just a relaxing day on the water with your kids, inflatable paddle boards have quickly become a staple of summer recreational activity. But what exactly makes these boards so unique? Why are they so much fun to ride?

First of all, unlike regular paddleboards, inflatable ones are designed to inflate simply by pumping them up. You don't have to use an air pump! Most inflatable paddle boards are constructed of durable polyethylene or fiberglass layers over lightweight foam or hollow plastic cores. Some inflatable SUPs even are created from carbon fiber over flexible foam core. Any of these layers will inflate (usually very quickly) when you pump them up.

Another of the main advantages of inflatable paddle boards is their durability. Because the boards are so durable, they'll stand up to regular use over many years. They're made with tough resins so they can take a lot of abuse. And since they're very durable, you don't need a lot of storage space to house a few boards.

Still another advantage of inflatable paddle boards lies in their ease of inflation. When you get inside a water sport event like a triathlon or a row, you can almost always find an available inflatable paddle board Construction Company (or an inflatable boat company). And inflatable boats are much easier to inflate than solid paddle boarding inflatables (because the solid boards take up more room).

In summary, these two attributes are great reasons to buy an inflatable paddle boards. First, they're extremely durable and will stand up to regular wear and tear. Second, because they're so durable, you won't have to pay as much for them. And finally, you can always use your inflatable paddle boards on flat water and they'll inflate just fine. Inflatable boats and inflatable paddle boards featured on also make great additions to your family fun equipment for summer camp or a day at the lake.

And that leads me to the last big advantage of inflatable boats and inflatable paddle boards: flexibility. Even though they're difficult to store and harder to inflate, once you get them inflated they become extremely easy to use. That means you'll be more likely to use them and you'll have less stress when trying to get them to stay inflated. So whether you're just learning to surf or you've been doing that for years, you should definitely look into them. If you're in an activity like wakeboarding that requires a lot of strength and agility, then getting an inflatable board will benefit you more than a traditional paddle board would. You just have to read the reviews and find out which inflatable boards best suit your needs.