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  • July 5, 2021

How to Inspect Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

Traveling by car can be a memorable experience, but the inability to properly inspect the vehicle before departure can quickly turn a supposedly enjoyable experience into a reduced accident. This is how you can prevent this from happening to you. You can easily get a proper vehicle inspection at

How to Ensure Your Car is Road-Worthy Before Inspection - Borst Automotive

If you don't drive often at night, you may not notice that your headlights are no longer as bright as before. The condition of the windshield of the headlights should always be checked at every inspection of the vehicle because the glass becomes cloudy over time. If your headlight lens isn't working properly, replace it and adjust the focus so you can always see what's coming.

As with headlights, a vehicle inspection should include a proper check of the engine cooling system. Problems with the cooling system are the second leading cause of road damage. Therefore, make sure the coolant contains new antifreeze, the coolant level is balanced and the cooling system is not leaking everywhere. Fix leaks well in advance of departure so you have enough time to ensure that the repair is successful.

Schedule a multi-point inspection of the car before you depart. This type of vehicle inspection can reveal a number of defects or problems that you may not be aware of, and if you inspect your vehicle early enough, you can repair the damage in a timely manner.

Of course, no vehicle inspection can be done without a thorough tire inspection, including the spare tire. It's not enough to just check the outside of the tire; Remove the wheels from the car to properly inspect the interior sidewalls for signs of damage such as cuts, dents, or shoulder pad delamination.