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  • October 20, 2021

Quick Guide For Retractable Awnings

Manufacturers of retractable awnings have a shorthand language that describes the awnings' features, quality, functions, and style. 

Online shopping for retractable awnings can be enjoyable if you have the right knowledge. These common terms will help you to understand what you are looking at so that you can find the right product. You can even get help from a professional to choose the best awnings and for the Modern commercial retractable awnings installation in Phoenix, AZ.


An awning with a lateral arm retractable arm is one that can be folded up and closed. Unlike fixed canopies and fixed awnings, a retractable awning does not require support posts. Retractable awnings are simple in design.

Frame – The part of an awning. It consists of the mounting bar and arms as well as the roller tube.

Mounting bar- The base of retractable awnings that are fixed in place. When the awning is pulled down, the fabric of the awning rolls around the attached roller tube.

Arms- This is the section of the frame that folds at the elbow when retracting the awning (rolls in), and opens when it is extended (rolls up).

Shoulder – The joints between the retractable arms and the mounting bar.

Front bar – The extrusion is located at the front of the awning frame.

Hood – A cover that fits over the fabric and frame of the retractable awning. The hood protects the motor, fabric, and frame from the elements when the awning is completely retracted.