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  • February 16, 2022

Five Keys to Proper Club Fitting

1 – Do Some Research

The first mistake you can make in the process is also the worst. Be sure that the club fitter that you’re going to is well-accredited. A simple Google search can tell you whether a club-fitter knows what they’re doing before you pay a hefty sum to learn that they do not. You can also buy a home golf simulator to up your game from The Net Return

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2 – Don’t Take Lessons Before

Common sense may dictate that you should have a lesson beforehand in order to provide the club fitter with the most idealized version of yourself. However, this can be detrimental to getting the proper fitting.

3 – Don’t Try Everything

Golf swing analysis should be a thorough experience, but that doesn’t mean you should spend 123 hours at the range testing every single model. For one, your spouse would have your head on a pike if you tried that. But, also, there are just too many possible combinations for you to try them all. Be realistic.

4 – Don’t Wait

Playing with clubs that aren’t fitted to you won’t be very detrimental at first, but the miles can add up on your body over time. It’s like if you never stretched before or after running; maybe you can get away with it a few times when you’re young, but eventually, playing with unfitted clubs can lead to health problems.

5 – Grip It And Rip It

A proper club fitting is great, but it’s not the magic elixir that golfers are always looking for. You still have to put your head down and take your cuts!