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  • August 7, 2020

Qubes OS: A Security Oriented Operating System

A lot of Windows and macOS users jump ships to Linux for optimized security and privacy, well it does a better job at protecting users from data entities that sell information for third-party agencies as their valuable data resource, where Windows and macOS lack. Folks who are security enthusiasts and privacy professionals highly suggest using Linux because of their open-source attributes where even NSA relies on.

Each distro has its unique purpose where privacy is their common denominator. There are countless distributions that provide the same services you exactly need for, and that's the problem. Which is a lot overwhelming for Windows or macOS refugees considering they just started from square one. Well, here's a lifesaver for you. Today we're going to talk about Qubes which is a most secure and high-end Linux distribution offering all the protection for everyone’s computing needs. 

Right off the bat, Qubes comes at the top of the list, it can isolate running apps that are way too risky and virtualize with Virtual Machines, thus separating any potential danger of malware or spyware. It is color-coded as each window is identified with different levels of security and maximizing data protection from being traced or tracked. It uses NetVM to lessen any breaches from hackers and comes with a default firewall disallowing any ports to have an entrance. To install Qubes you can use tools like BalenaEtcher, Rufus or Win32 Disk Imager. If you are using a macOS, then you will only be able to use Balena Etcher as the others are not compatible with macOS.


It has such a stellar reputation among IT professionals where they recognize this OS instantly for this exact purpose. It can easily run on 64 bit Intel processor, 4 GB ram, and 32 GB storage space, whether using disk or USB stick. Definitely not for normal users, Qubes could be confusing to use and might throw them off, with all security procedures rigged to ensure protection, but can walk you through each step of the way so no worries of getting lost. You've come here for the right reasons after all.