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  • April 9, 2021

A Home With A Pool Can Be A Great Addition To Your Backyard Pool Oasis

They have had a garden pool for several years but are looking for ways to make it a "place to relax". Have you ever thought of adding a pool house? These additions can truly turn your garden into an oasis of relaxation and have a fully equipped outdoor living area that you can design for relaxation or fun, or both. You can find more information about pool home de jardin via

A Home With A Pool Can Be A Great Addition To Your Backyard Pool Oasis

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Building this type of building is not a new idea, but it is growing in popularity, especially as part of a home improvement project.

Pool industry workers noted that the installation of swimming pools increased by almost 5% in 2003, but sales and construction of pool houses have increased by 50% in recent years.

As well as being welcomed, billiard houses become waiting areas in luxurious living rooms, and billiard houses are no longer one-bedroom buildings where you climb to shower and change clothes.

The current building is a luxurious addition to the home, including granite and marble kitchen countertops, luxurious grills, appliances, and luxurious bathrooms. These outbuildings even function as a guest house with a bedroom or as additional office space.

The price associated with adding to your garden is directly related to size and accessories, sometimes up to $ 1,000 per square foot. Some pool houses cost more than other housing projects.

Depending on how often you use the pool area for fun, you can build a pool house for added entertainment or as an outdoor living area.