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  • July 21, 2022

What Are Per Diem Clinical Educators?

Per Diem clinical educators teach during the summer or in their downtime during the year. They do not have to be employed by a medical center or hospital but can work at a university, nursing home, motel, outpatient clinic, public health agency, and more. 

A per diem medical educator is not an educator in any usual sense of the word – these professionals use their expertise in specialties such as behavioral health and substance abuse to provide specialized instruction for students and staff members.

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Per diem, clinical educators are healthcare professionals who work on a per diem basis, which means they are paid only for the hours they work. Clinical educators typically work in hospitals and clinics, teaching patients and staff about medical procedures and treatments. They also may provide guidance on lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise, to improve health.

Per diem, clinical educators provide a unique and valuable service to healthcare providers. They are knowledgeable about the latest developments in medicine and can share that information with their patients. They also offer support and guidance to healthcare providers, which can help them provide excellent patient care.

Per diem clinical educators are essential to the success of any medical residency program. They help interns and residents understand complex medical concepts, provide feedback on their written and oral presentations, and coach them on how to be successful in their careers.

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