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  • October 9, 2020

Why Mavala Nail Polish Is Worry-Free

Many paint brands contain some of the most toxic and dangerous chemicals. Mavala Stop product is free of ingredients – it does not contain formaldehyde, phthalates, or toluene. Here we state chemicals that are not present in Mavala's nail polish, base coat, and topcoat.

Phthalate-free (without dibutyl phthalate – without DBP)

DBP is accepted as a solvent in many nail polish brands and is classified by the European Union as an endocrine disruptor that is thought to cause reproductive problems. Although phthalates are banned in toys in many parts of the world according to the FDA, their use in cosmetics has not been restricted.

No toluene

Toluene is commonly used in nail polish because it can help produce a smooth finish, but can cause skin irritation, including dermatitis. Steam can cause drowsiness, headaches, and irritation of the nose, throat, and respiratory tract.

Formaldehyde-free and tosylamide free formaldehyde resin

Formaldehyde is a common ingredient in many nail polishes and hardeners. According to the FDA, nail products containing formaldehyde can cause skin irritation as well as allergic reactions.

No parabens

Parabens are used in many cosmetic products to limit bacterial growth and extend the shelf life of these products. However, there is some concern as parabens are seen as potential endocrine disruptors and, like the phthalates mentioned above, can cause reproductive problems.


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