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  • November 9, 2020

Why Should You Try Marijuana Clones?

There are several benefits to using a cannabis clone, but here are three that will make you believe the technique.

1. Potency: One of the things that can vary greatly when growing marijuana from seed is the amount of THC.

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Even among plants of the same strain and batch of seeds, some have to produce more THC than others. Cloning eliminates genetic disorders that can lead to uneven effectiveness.

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2. Health: Genetics also affects the overall health of the cannabis plant. If you start with a strong, healthy mother plant, all of the branches of the plant will have the same heart characteristics as long as they have roots.

3. Time: The main attraction of cannabis clones is getting rid of the often troublesome germination step that makes many seeds unprofitable.

In general, cloning is a way to make sure your favorite type of acne turns into a gift that you keep on giving.

Which environment should I use?

There are three ways to move your clones into the container where they will take root.

1. Water: It is the simplest and cheapest environment. Just put your cut stalk in the water and wait for it to grow.

2. Soil: Soil is still fairly easy to care for and is also a good choice for roots. Keep it moist, but don't overdo it with water.

3. Rockwool: Rockwool is an artificial growth environment that benefits from its excellent airflow and moisture retention capacity.

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