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  • August 15, 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Bullseye Mold

A bullseye glass mold is a type of mold that creates round or oval pieces of glass. It is named after the small target on the front of the mold, which helps you to perfectly cast your piece of glass. Bullseye molds are perfect for creating votives, candles, ornaments, and other small objects. You can take more information about Bullseye Glass Molds via Art Glass Supplies .

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They are also popular among jewelry designers, because they allow you to create intricate patterns in your pieces of glass.

Types of Bullseye Molds

  • Diamond: Diamond-shaped molds can be used to create pieces with intricate details, like jewelry ornaments. They're perfect for making small objects that need lots of precision, like beads or gemstones.
  • Triangle: Triangle-shaped molds create blocks that are usually about two inches wide by three inches tall. These blocks can be used for larger projects, like quilts or mosaics.
  • Square: Square-shaped molds create blocks that are about two inches on each side. These blocks are best suited for larger projects, such as wall hangings or floor tiles.
  • Half-Round: Half-round molds create circles that are about one inch in diameter. They're perfect for crafting smaller items, like keychains or earrings.

  What are the benefits of using Bullseye GLASS Mold?

 Bullseye GLASS Mold is a new and unique way to create glass sculptures. With this method, you can create incredibly intricate and lifelike pieces      without having to use traditional glass techniques.

 First and foremost, Bullseye GLASS Mold is incredibly versatile. You can use it to create items such as vases, figurines, and even jewelry. 

Additionally, this method is safe for both beginner and experienced artists. There is no need for heat or water, which makes it ideal for sculpture that needs to be delicate or that would be damaged by these elements. Finally, Bullseye GLASS Mold is affordable and easy to use.

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