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  • September 8, 2021

Major Risks In Office 365 Implementation


Small and large businesses are choosing Office 365 more frequently. Office 365 customers often worry about data loss. Microsoft's backup policies cannot guarantee that data can be recovered quickly and completely. Each cloud application has its own retention policies. If you want to get a backup for Office 365, visit backup for office 365 via


Every organization is different and will need to consider the following 3 main risks when implementing Microsoft Office 365.

1. Access Issues

2. Mitigating risk

3. Migration Challenges

Access issues: The way a company approaches its core infrastructure is critical to its success. Without domain access, companies will experience delays in deployments and increased risk.

Mitigating risk: Office 365 is susceptible to many failures. Email protection, authentication and online protection are all possible to fail. Office 365 could go down. To avoid this, you need to plan how your users will access their email. Third-party solutions and policies can help. 

Spam filtering is a key feature of Office 365. It does not protect against advanced attacks at both the email content and the connection levels.

Migration challenges: Office 365 migration can be challenging. Once you have identified the issues, you can seek the help of third-party solutions/providers to make your migration from Office 365 a smoother process.


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