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  • December 3, 2020

Reasons to Use Craniosacral Therapy during Pregnancy

Here are some reasons people recommend craniosacral therapy during pregnancy.

1. Relieves pain and discomfort during pregnancy

Often times, women complain of tightness and stomach problems and feel pressured by the baby growing inside them. As your body changes to accommodate a growing fetus in the womb, your body can handle the new stress on muscles and bones. You can get cranio-sacral scheduling via

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2. Helping the body cope with the physical changes and challenges of a growing baby.

Because your new baby is growing as fast as the skin and uterus can expand outward, there is still no room in the abdomen for the rest of your organs. The stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines and other organs all struggle to keep space functioning as usual and moving or sliding, and lack of space can affect the function of these organs.

3. Treating back pain and other aches and pains

Often, women complain of back pain in the second half of their pregnancy, or back pain when their baby gets heavier. This extra pressure on the back muscles can cause pain in the buttocks in the legs or intense pain in the lower back.

4. Helps prepare the mother's body for labor

Routine treatment with craniosacral therapy during pregnancy or intensive care in recent months can help prepare the mother's body for delivery. By reducing the tension on the pelvic floor muscles, birth of the uterus and abdomen becomes an easier and less physically demanding event for the mother.

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