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  • October 14, 2020

Simple Tips for Using Fused Glass Paint

Hello! Today I want to share with you some tips on fused glass painting. Hopefully, these tips will help eliminate the initial frustration! For the record, this article is based on my own opinion and only serves as a suggestion and a starting point for you to expand your creativity.

To paint glass, you obviously need glass supplies that include high-quality colors and melting paints.

Tips don't come with the paint and I haven't found this gem in a while. These tips simply screw into the top of the paint and are ready to go. Paint can be applied to glass or between layers of glass. You get to know more about the best glass painting and enamels supplies through the web sources.

Clogged tip:

If you are working on a project to use three or more paints, the tips seem to clog quickly. I cut a piece of thin wire that I have in my toolbox to wrap my project in jewelry wire. Just put the wire on the ends of the tip, this should clear it. If not, go all the way and put the wire on the end from the inside. This removes the thick paint that may have gone all the way.


Now, the best advice, I have for you! Many fused glass stores have small squeeze bottles and tips for mixing or thinning paint. Buying one of the inexpensive plastic bottles will save you a TON of hassle. This is what I use it for.

Roberta Garcia

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