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  • November 10, 2021

Steps For The Process Of Manufacturing Dietary Supplements

The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that all supplements are manufactured according to the specifications. This article will help you understand step-by-step the process followed by nutritional supplement manufacturers.

Step 1: Formula

Everything starts with the formula. As a brand owner, it is important that you ensure that your dietary supplements formula contains the correct amounts of raw material ingredients. You can also look for the best supplement manufacturers via

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Step 2: Selecting the raw materials

This is the most time-consuming step in nutritional supplement manufacturing. If the raw material for your nutritional supplement is probiotic, it must be grown in a natural setting.

Step 3: R & D

Another step that can be time-consuming for manufacturing is this one. This step is where the benchwork, or research and development, takes place. This step involves the mixing of raw materials and manufacturing a few tablets and capsules.

Step 4: Testing

There are many phases to the process, as well as additional tests that must be performed. It includes uniformity in mixing, substance, dissolution testing, a repeat of raw material testing.

Step 5: The final products

After the tablets are made, the same tests are conducted to verify that the raw materials have passed the same checks. This includes identification and potency as well as compliance with heavy metals.

Once the brand owner has accepted the COA, the finished product can then be shipped to the customer's distributor facility.

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