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  • February 11, 2021

What Are The Positive Aspects Of Cloud Based Spam Filtering Service?

Many SMB (small and medium-sized companies) are now struggling with the increase in the cost of storing email messages and bandwidth. The cloud-based spam filtering services can help companies reduce the license and IT staff, avoid the risk of a spam attack, and focus on their main activity to expand the business. 

SMBs can take advantage of the spam filtering services via to keep their network protected against spam or viral attacks. With its fully insured delivery structure, SMBs can also manage their email system without high expenses, long-term obligations, and inefficiencies in mail storage and recovery. 

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However, it also offers optimal filtering of spam messages and allows customers to access their email system from anywhere and at any time. Unlike other file solutions, the cloud-based solution is easy to implement, customize and maintain.

Positive aspects of the cloud email system

Secure Network:

You can easily block all spam attacks and e-mail threats before reaching the client network by minimizing the risk of viral attacks, releasing more network bandwidth, and reducing mail server load.

Accessibility By Email:

Business organizations can access, respond and send messages, even in case of a mail system on-site or a network failure. The mail is aligned by the email service provider, and can easily access or respond to sent messages through the control panel, even if your internal mail server does not work.

Zero Hour Spam And Protection Against Malware:

The cloud-based spam filtering service includes an additional network security layer to protect the "zero hours" email and spam email system.

Attack Prevention:

Using Spam Cloud filtering, all companies can now control and limit SMTP traffic from unique or multiple IP addresses and place a check in two email attacks.

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