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  • March 26, 2021

Why You Should Use A Computer Camera Cover

Unless you're using a desktop computer and haven't connected an external camera, chances are that the device you're reading this post on has a front camera. 

If you've never thought about the potential security implications and why you might want a computer camera shield, this is the place to think.

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Why use a computer camera cover?

The computer camera is covered with sticky notes with painted eyeballs.

If you are using a desktop computer and have a USB camera, the best protection is to turn off the camera when not in use. Simply turning off the camera is not an option as it is physically part of the computer. Unless you have one of the very rare models with a built-in camera cover, consider adding one yourself.

However, having someone with remote access to your camera is not the only reason to use a camera cover. If like many others around the world, you've been attending more video meetings lately, it's not a bad idea to cover your camera when you join in. 

Even if the camera is on by default, you won't appear on the screen until you're ready. That way, you can also check what's behind you. You know, just in case. So it's better to buy a computer camera cover.

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